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When should I schedule my newborn session?
I recommend that you schedule your newborn session PRIOR to your baby’s birth to ensure a spot on my calendar. Contact me during your pregnancy to set up a date. I will pencil in  your due date on my calendar and check in with you occasionally to see how things are going. I encourage mom's to update me on any changes. I also pencil in a second date for the actual "SESSION" date about a week or so after. We will tweak this date as needed as the birth date nears, depending on if baby is early/late.

How soon after I have baby will we have the session?
Newborn sessions are recommended to be scheduled within the first 14 days of life. During that time they are usually super sleepy and pose able. Moving them around and posing them into those sweet squishy poses will irritate them if awake. It is much easier to do once they are asleep. After they get a little older, they discover how to stretch and don't stop! However I know life happens, and sometimes it isn't possible to do the session within that time frame! I've had older babies do just fine! Sometimes more swaddling is required which is totally fine we will make it work :)

Where will we do my newborn session?
I typically do all newborn sessions at my Graham, NC Studio! There, I have several backdrops, lighting equipment, etc everything I need for your session. If you feel more comfortable with me traveling to your home instead, I will gladly do so if I can make it work with my schedule! I try to schedule newborn sessions in the morning or earlier afternoon, I use natural light for some poses at my studio and that is when it looks the best, but I am flexible!

How long will my session take?
It really is all up to baby! On average a newborn session for me takes 2/3 hours. Sometimes less. It all depends on the mood of the baby, but I would definitely be prepared for at least two hours. Also, please understand that your baby will most likely have to take breaks for feeding, being changed, and cuddled/rocked! It is 100% normal. I have a lot of clients worry that their baby "won't sleep the whole time", I assure you this RARELY happens lol! 

Why does it take so long?
Between making sure baby is happy, to posing, feeding, setting up props, a newborn session is very time consuming! I try and make everything go as smoothly and quickly as possible. There will be some waiting and downtime during this session so feel free to bring a book, snacks, etc!


How do we get those cute squishy poses?
For the cute poses you see in my portfolio, usually baby needs to be very sleepy to safely pose  him/her in those poses! I always have a parent near the baby while helping them to pose if I feel that the pose will be complicated. I feel that the baby is safer this way. I direct parents on where to lay the baby and from there I will pose him/her! I encourage parents to sit back and relax also, don't worry I will call you if I need a hand! Safety is always first for me, and if I feel that the baby will not safely pose the way we want we will move on to something more comfortable for baby. 

How can I make my session go smoothly?
Newborn sessions for me always go more smoothly when baby is very sleepy aka in a milk coma! So either before you get there or right when we begin you can feed him/her! Babies also like to be warm so I will have a little space heater or a heating pad beside us the whole time so it may get hot in there. We can take as many breaks as needed for feedings! A full baby is usually a happy baby! :) Be sure to pack extra bottles if needed! Also bringing a pacifier works WONDERS to soothe most of the time, if baby takes one!

Can I do family and sibling poses with  my newborn?
Yes! Of course! I love family and sibling photos. I do recommend, though that we try and get those in first. So the sibling(s) will not get restless and fussy at the end of our two/three hour shoot :) If you plan on bringing sibling(s) we will do those poses first. I recommend bringing a book, tablet, etc to keep them occupied for a little bit while we finish up the session. 

Do you have props I can use?
I do have an assortment of props & accessories at the studio! I have a little fabric/ crochet outfits, hats, diaper covers, bows, etc. Please let me know if there is anything specific you are wanting and we can work it out! Also feel free to bring things from home to incorporate with newborn's session! 










Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I'm here to help!

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